p i m e n t e l i d e s i g n - process
Every project poses a unique set of challenges, but the overall process generally follows these major phases:


Listening to your business needs and goals, together with your expectations of a Web presence. In our initial consultation we discuss your ideas for your Web Site. Our initial consultation can take place over the phone or by e-mail. It is sometimes necessary to consult with you several times during this phase to ensure quality and accuracy.

From the information gathered in the Exploration phase pimentel i design creates a specification document that details what you intend to do and why, what technology and content you’ll need, how long the process will take, what you will spend to do it, and how long the process will take, and how you will assess the results of your efforts. After developing a draft copy of the specification document, we will then review the document together to ensure accuracy and make any changes necessary. The final document will serve as the blueprint for the process and the touchstone to keep the project focused.

After we have finalized your specifications document and established your goals and objectives, we will map your project. We draft its appearance including layout, colors, etc.

Once the layout is complete and you have approved, we produce the final product including the text and images/graphics from the information we gathered from you during the Exploration phase. Testing is conducted during this phase to ensure project integrity and functionality.

We follow up to insure that the final product is to your satisfaction and deliver your source files or maintenance guides. We offer training to your in-house team if needed.

Maintaining and updating your project is a vital part in its continued success. pimentel i design offers a maintenance service that provides custom service levels for various needs, expand content within a scalable site structure, and enhances functionality and integrate seamlessly.


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